Christmas, the happiest time of the year.

Creating a memorable experiences for a party is our top priority , as professional Event organisers we set sky high standards so as to leave everyone with a great experience with us.

This year , we worked around the clock to figure out what is good for a party, food, games , entertainment and not forgetting bouncy castle for the kids

Great food choices.

we had a wide variety of food choices , ranging from ice cream live station , churros station , hotdog station and also our brand new prata live station. Everyone enjoyed the prata live station the most , it is the only delicacy that cannot go wrong within all generations . ITS OUR FAVOURITE TOO.

Where is SANTA?

What is Christmas without Santa Claus , giving out gifts to our children and taking pictures with the crowd . I wonder what the kids asked Santa for this year …HMMMMMMM…..

We hope all guest had a great time with us as well as enjoyed the night planned for them . Bounceparksg wishes all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year

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